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Farm City Fair
Sunday, September 12, 2010
from 11am–5pm

The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn
Free and open to the public!


As featured in the September 9th issue
of Time Out New York—Read here!

Download Schedule Farm City Fair Schedule
The Fair is a wild new take on the traditional County Fair, a day-long celebration of art and food grown in Brooklyn! View Schedule.
Download Recipe Brand New Recipe from chef Wylie Dufresne
Just Announced: The brand new recipe that chef Wylie Dufresne will unveil on Saturday! Download here, and don’t forget to come meet Wylie and taste it for yourself at Farm City Fair.

Part of the series Farm City: Where Are You Growing?

Festivities engage all the senses: hear live music performed by local Bang on a Can marching band Asphalt Orchestra; taste delicacies prepared by local chefs inspired by ingredients from Brooklyn farms; view specially commissioned work exploring the culture of agriculture by local artists; get a feel for materials needed to produce your own food in workshops by Brooklyn Food Coalition; participate in a Blue Ribbon Competition hosted by GreenThumb; and browse a marketplace with some of Brooklyn’s small-batch artisanal food purveyors curated by Greenpoint Food Market. Cap it off with The Food Experiments’ live cooking competition—Brooklyn Roots—featuring savory samples and refreshing drinks from Brooklyn Brewery, Six Points Brewery, Brooklyn Oenology, and others.

Participants include:

Asphalt Orchestra, Brooklyn-based 12-piece next-generation avant-garde marching band, will open the event in Bergen Street, and the neighborhood between 11am and noon.

Banda de los Muertos, Djarara, and Slavic Soul Party, will perform live music at the fair as special guests of Club Barbes.

    • Banda Sinaloense de Los Muertos
      In the Mexican state of Sinaloa, brass bands (bandas) are part of every public celebration. In the '40s, the pioneering Banda El Recodo started mixing up traditional brass band tunes with contemporary Mexican music, mostly ranchera, and soon created a powerful new popular genre. In the '90s, banda music experienced a renewal, especially among young Californian Mexicans many of whom have family roots in Sinaloa. Banda music's popularity exploded in Mexico as well and has become the new urban music of choice. Banda de Los Muertos, the only banda in the Eastern United States, has more power than Metallica, more sousaphone than a second line parade and more tequila than Malcom Lowry. With Oscar Noriega, Chris Speed, Mike McGuiness - clarinets; Jakob Garchick - Sousaphone; Ben Holmes,  - trumpet, Jim Black, - Drums; Brian Drye - trombone and more tba.

      Djarara has been in existence for about twenty years and is one of the only Rara groups in the US. Rara is a kind of festival music usually performed by marching bands and played on drums and homemade bamboo horns (now often replaced by PVC pipes). It is associated with certain aspects of Voodoo rituals and is also a purely celebratory music which can have political overtones.
      Djarara is made up of Haitian immigrants and Haitian-Americans, and in addition to playing regularly in Prospect Park (weather allowing), seems to be part of every Haitian public event. They have re-invented their role to serve the diaspora and in addition to the ritualistic aspects of the music, take on such topics as Haitian politics and local issues such as police brutality. While their main role is to function as a voice for the community, they also convey pure musical jubilation to outsiders.

      Slavic Soul Party
      The band’s name says it all. Brash and strong, these nine musicians  have formed a new brass band music in the heart of New York City that melds Eastern European sounds from the Balkans with all the funk of American musical traditions like second-line, gospel, and jazz.  One of the hardest working bands in New York, SSP! plays nearly 100 times a year in the US, Europe, and beyond.  They have performed at Babylon (Istanbul) with the Karandila Orkestar, at Irving Plaza (New York City) with Gogol Bordello, on the Warped Tour (US), in Carnegie Hall, and in virtually every major New York club.  The band's latest cd "Taketron" is available on Barbes Records.

Andrew Casner, compost painter, demonstrates his acclaimed, agrarian work–the community process of developing a viable compost with an acid-etched canvas underneath created as a natural by-product. Watch compost painting demonstration.

Christina Kelly, Brooklyn-based artist meditates on loss and possibility growing blue corn in monumental street planters in a public art project called, Maize Field, located where Lenape Indians planted in the 1600s.

Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy, a Brooklyn-based artist, presents Ça pousse ! (It’s growing!), human form sculptures made from material such as wheatgrass that change as they grow.

    • Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy
      Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy is a French artist based in New York. Her artwork combines drawing, printmaking, sculpting, book art, and photography to explore the interconnected values of identity and memory. Her multi-media approach to art reflects the unique way she experienced the world growing up in an old farmhouse in the French countryside. The values of preservation, of attachment to roots, and of a relationship with land and time, emphasized in her childhood, continue to inspire her work. By exploring and juxtaposing subtle links between anatomy, psychology, ecology and cosmology, Roussel-Giraudy tries to understand the mysteries of our inner and outer selves. Likewise, in seeking to reveal the world's invisible energies, knots and folds, fragments and marks, she strives to raise awareness of the key role that nature plays in our lives.

Miwa Koizumi, Brooklyn-based ice cream maker of “NY Flavors,” will create a geographically inspired new ice cream flavor based on Bergen Street and the festival.

    • Miwa Koizumi
      Born and raised in Japan, Miwa Koizumi studied in France for 5 years and in Bali, Indonesia with a group of Ethnographic Researchers before moving to New York in 2001. Her interests are varied, and so are her materials. Koizumi uses sound, image, smell and taste to explore her main themes of memory and disappearance. Koizumi received an MFA from Tama Art-University in Japan, and a DNSAP from the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where she was honored with the Multimedia Prize upon graduation. She has exhibited internationally in Japan, France, and the USA, including at the Japan Society, Socrates Sculpture Park, Price Tower Arts Center, 3rdward, Peekskill Project 08, George Adams Gallery, Artist space, ISE foundation, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Flux Factory, Hungarian Cultural Center, Gallerie Caisse des Depots, Chateau d'Oiron, ENSBA, Parco Gallery and many more. Recently she has been studying the pidgin cultures resulting from the clash between the innumerable small tribes present in New York City.

Tattfoo Tan, the vibrant urban farming visionary artist, launches his new bike-based S.O.S mobile Classroom, as the next installment in his two-year long public art project entitled S.O.S–Sustainable Organic Stewardship.

    • Tattfoo Tan
      Tattfoo Tan seeks to collapse ‘art’ and ‘life’ into one. He uses art in order to find an immediate, direct, and effective way of exploring issues related to the individual in society. Through the employment of multiple forms of media and various platforms of presentation, Tattfoo promotes group participation between himself and his audience. Within this collaborative practice, Tattfoo encourages viewers to engage both their minds and bodies in actions that transform the making of art into a ritualized and shared experience. In keeping with the spirit of this transformative act, Tattfoo prefers to develop projects that are ephemeral and conceptual in nature. Tattfoo’s work has been shown in various venues and institutions including: Queens Museum of Art, Lower East Side Tenement Museum, Time Square Alliances, The Fashion Center, The City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for the Arts, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Eugene Lang College New School for Liberal Arts, Fashion Institute of Technology, Pratt Institute, The Center for Book Arts, Bronx River Art Center, Jamaica Center of Arts and Learning, Aljira’s Emerge Six, DUMBO Improvement District, Department of Cultural Affairs, City of New York, School Construction Authority and The Laundromat Project. He has been recognized for his efforts, services and artistic contributions to the community by The City of New York with an award for Excellence in Design.

Wylie Dufresne, renowned chef of wd-50, creates a new downloadable recipe based on re-imagining local ingredients, to be sampled at the Fair.

    • Wylie Dufresne and wd~50
      A graduate of the French Culinary Institute, Wylie Dufresne has had as vast and rich a culinary experience as his own cuisine. He has worked for Jo Jo’s, Jean Georges, The Bellagio, Las Vegas, 71 Clinton Fresh Good, and opened wd~50 in April 2003. Named after the chef’s initials and the street address, wd~50 is a 70-seat restaurant with a state of the art kitchen, located on Clinton Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It offers fine dining in a casual atmosphere and serves modern American cuisine renowned for its flavor, sophistication, and innovation. Dufresne's cuisine continues to evolve in terms of technique, utilizing ingredients and equipment that have created a menu notable for its innovation as well as for its flavor. The restaurant prides itself on its cooks’ collaborative efforts, continually experimenting and sharing ideas with each other. wd~50 was awarded one Michelin star in 2006, which it retained through 2010. Restaurant Magazine, UK, included wd~50 in their annual award: 2010 San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Events and Activities throughout the Day:

Farmstands from Brooklyn farms such as Added Value, Rooftop Farms, and Bk Farmyards will sell their produce and explain its provenance.

GreenThumb will host a Premium Blue Ribbon Contest for gardeners to show off their produce and reveal the range of possibilities for home growing in the city.

Brooklyn Food Coalition will present a day-long series of workshops on how to make or grow food at home, from canning to under-counter compost. Frieda Lim and Bob Hyland, will lead a workshop on rooftop farming with sub-irrigated planter systems, as part of a series of workshops curated by the Brooklyn Food Coalition.

    • Frieda Lim
      Frieda Lim turned her roof in Gowanus, Brooklyn into the Slippery Slope Farm, a modern urban sub-irrigated rooftop micro-farm. Lim and her farm will offer design services that implement modern practices of sub-irrigation systems and nutrient density. In addition, Lim, whose method is inspired by urban food activist and blogger Bob Hyland, is currently collaborating with designers and architects in design developments of the broadest scope of ‘greenscaping’ products and projects.

      Bob Hyland
      Bob has over thirty years of experience with sub-irrigated planter systems (SIPs) going back to the days he ran a prominent interior plantscaping company in Los Angeles. His studies in landscape architecture and ornamental horticulture at Cal Poly Graduate School of Environmental Design led him into the interior plantscaping industry. His prior career with IBM made it only natural for him to find technology solutions to growing and maintaining container plants in the built environment. In particular, he discovered planter systems that employed capillary action sub-irrigation. He was a pioneering industry consultant, author and speaker at national trade conventions in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. Last year he founded The Center for Urban Greenscaping (Cu Green) whose primary mission is education about modern methods of growing plants in the built environment. Bob is the author of the blog,

Greenpoint Food Market will curate the best of Brooklyn’s small-batch vendors, including Anarchy in a Jar preserves and Brooklyn Kombucha.

The Food Experiments, created by Theodore Peck and Nick Suarez, will select competitive chefs to respond to their Brooklyn roots, using one or more ingredients grown or made in Brooklyn in a cook-off.

    • Nick Suarez and and The Food Experiments
      Nick Suarez, 28, wears many hats. During the day he develops his palate working in the wine industry. By night, he attends the French Culinary Institute, further refining his cooking techniques. Two years ago he realized he had a thirst for competition and started competing in local NYC amateur cook-offs. He placed 1st in hot dog, casserole, chowder and chili-themed cook-offs among others. Eventually, he teamed up with his long-time rival, Theo Peck, and created NYC's premiere cook-off competition series, the Food Experiments. The Food Experiments are a series of cook-off’s hosted by cook-off champions Nick Suarez and Theo Peck. They act as a forum for amateur/home chefs to showcase their cooking skills and push the boundaries of competitive cooking. They have currently hosted five sold out cook-off’s and were recently proclaimed NYC cookoff kings by the James Beard award winning blog, Serious Eats. Watch video on the Food Experiments.

A Bar of Brooklyn Brews, Wines, and Cocktails will offer Brooklyn-made libations during the Fair.

Chefs from Marlow & Sons, Ted & Honey, Egg and others will serve up delicious eats made in Brooklyn in collaboration with urban farms.

Brewla Bars, a new take on ice pops will be at the fair! They are made with a wide range of brewed teas, fruit and other all natural ingredients and offer both functional nutrition and delicious brewed refreshment.

    • Current seasonal flavors include The Remedy: Raspberry Green Tea (antioxidant boost); Hero: Cherry Pomegranate Red Tea (immunity boost); The Buzz: Honey Vanilla Black Tea (caffeine boost); and The Lullaby: Peach Ginger White Tea (calming boost). Each pop contains 100 calories or less.

Free and open
to the public

The Invisible Dog
Art Center

51 Bergen St,
Btwn Smith & Court St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

F, G to Bergen Street


A Three Weekend Series!
Farm City: Where Are You Growing?
A Celebration of Urban Agriculture

Over three weekends, Farm City celebrates Urban Agriculture and explores the possibilities of a new agrarian future within the current urban reality. Components include: Farm City Fair, Farm City Film, Farm City Tour, and Farm City Forum, spotlighting the work of artists, farmers, activists, planners, architects, chefs, and foodies, all devoting themselves to feeding the city both culturally and agriculturally.

Farm City is co-curated with Derek Denckla, editor of and founder of FarmCity.US.


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Farm City is supported in part by Nespresso. Image: Tattfoo Tan / Courtesy of Tattfoo Studio

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Farm City Fair

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Farm City Fair
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Artist Andrew Casner demonstrates Compost Painting

Artist Andrew Casner demonstrates Compost Painting (cont'd)