Fiction & Non-Fiction
Free Opening Day

Saturday, September 17, 2011
(day's schedule is below)

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On what do we rely to differentiate truth from fiction? How much of our interpretation of the world depends on our senses and how much on our rational mind? What really shapes our perception of the world around us?

Explore these questions through new works, an audio-guided walk, performances, and commissioned projects offering engaging and thought-provoking perspectives and experiences, all designed for locations along the Museum Mile and in Central Park.

972 Fifth Avenue, the historic Payne Whitney mansion and current home of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, is transformed with site-specific works by Kimberly Bartosik, Prune Nourry, the Multi-Arts Incubator at Columbia University's School of the Arts, Thupten Phuntsok, Roderick Murray, and Soundwalk Collective, and pieces by Raimund Hoghe, Laurent Pichaud, Trajal Harrell and Perle Palombe, among others.

"The vast differences in the details of the rooms is what keeps the place [972 Fifth Ave] breath-taking (and wonderfully incoherent)."—Roderick Murray, Artist



972, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy
972 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10075

Schedule of the Day

Due to the German-American Parade, we advise that you arrive after 2:30pm. From 2–2:30pm, access to 972 Fifth Avenue will only be available via 79th Street & Madison Avenue. After 2:30pm, access via Fifth Avenue will be restored. Please note time changes below.

At 972 Fifth Avenue

Ground Floor
The Multi-Arts Incubator at Columbia University’s School of the Arts: Presence, until 6pm
Soundwalk Collective: les non-dits, Venetian Room, until 6pm

Second Floor
Tea & Greeting, Marble Room, until 6pm
Trajal Harrell & Perle Palombe: The Conspiracy of Performance, Reception Room, 3:30pm
Thupten Phuntsok: Meditation on the Nature of Reality, Reception Room, 4pm
Raimund Hoghe & Takashi Ueno: Pas de Deux (excerpts), Reception Room, 5pm

Third Floor
Kimberly Bartosik: Ecsteriority3, until 6pm

Entire Building
Roderick Murray: Lighting Installation, until 6pm

Outside 972 Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue (ask inside 972 Fifth Avenue for exact location)
Prune Nourry: The Spermbar
Become a sperm donor at

Central Park (Cedar Hill across from 972 Fifth Avenue)
Laurent Pichaud: Lande Part, 3pm, 4pm, and 6pm

Museum Mile (82nd Street to 90th Street)
Soundwalk Collective: Fiction & Non-Fiction, All Day
A free downloadable audio-guide will take listeners on a journey with commissioned texts
by Olivier Cadiot, Philippe Claudel, Camille Laurens, Teju Cole, and John Giorno. Sound design by Soundwalk Collective. The audio-guide is available at Please download the file onto your MP3 player/smartphone at home before heading to Museum Mile.

Kusmi Tea

Co-presented with 972, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy
Raimund Hoghe's residency is supported in part by the Baryshnikov Arts Center
Special thanks to Columbia University’s School of the Arts
Tea Bar provided by Kusmi Tea
Image Sequence: John Giorno © Stephan Crasneanscki; The Spermbar © Prune Nourry; Soundwalk Collective; Soundwalk Collective; Laurent Pichaud; Laurent Pichaud; Raimund Hoghe & Takashi Ueno; Kimberly Bartosik

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