Amélie Chabannes
Intimate Immensity
and Lagerstatten

Wednesday–Sunday, October 12–16, 2011
Wed & Thu: 11am–6pm / Fri & Sat: 11am–8:30pm / Sun: noon–7pm

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In this mixed-media performance/installation, Amélie Chabannes investigates the difficult task of capturing the depth and complexity of the human being. She uses the context of a staged archeological dig to explore the enormity of the “person” within a specific philosophical and psychoanalytical framework.

Drawing on Carl Jung’s Contributions to Analytical Psychology and Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space, Amélie Chabannes presents a massive rectangular block composed of wax layers as the “person.” She sets it in the center of a large, gridded space, evocative of a dig, and over a few days, excavates it, breaking into it to release fragments, each to be archived where it falls.

This event is part of Endurance/Resistance/Inspiration,
one of Crossing the Line 2011's three curatorial program perspectives.


Stephan Stoyanov Gallery
29 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

Free and open
to the public

Gallery Hours
Wed, Oct 12: 11am–6pm
Thu, Oct 13: 11am–6pm
Fri, Oct 14: 11am–8:30pm
Sat, Oct 15: 11am–8:30pm
Sun, Oct 16: noon–7pm


Recent Buzz & Reviews

"Master, Plaster, Blaster"
by Lizzie Simon, The Wall Street Journal – Culture Count, Oct 10

"Amélie's art gives us visual clues to explore the vastness of our being."
City Arts


Co-presented with the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery

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