Philippe Claudel

Soundwalk/Crossing the Line
Fiction & Non-Fiction

Sat, Sept 17 onwards
Museum Mile

CTL Questions for the Artist

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What does fall in New York City evoke for you?
Une chaleur et une lumière rousse qui tentent encore de toutes leurs forces de rester vivantes. Warmth and a reddish-brown light that tries to stay alive with all their might.

What do you think is the biggest fiction?
La vie des hommes. Life.

What do you have to resist most often?
A la paresse. Laziness.

What sustains you?
Le mystère. Mystery.

What inspires you?
L'absurdité de notre existence et l'étrangeté de notre nature.
The absurdity of our existence and strangeness of our nature.

In a word, what does Crossing the Line mean to you?
Tisser. Weaving.

About Philippe Claudel

Philippe Claudel is a French writer and film director. Born in Dombasle-sur-Meurthe in Lorraine, France, Claudel began his career teaching in prisons in the nearby city of Nancy. There, Claudel was inspired to write short stories and novels, and eventually screenplays. His time as a prison employee strongly influenced his work, and Claudel has said that the experience shaped his ideas about guilt and the judicial system. Claudel is best known for his novel Les Âmes grises (Grey Souls), which won the French Prix Renaudot, was shortlisted for the American Gumshoe Award, and won Sweden’s Martin Beck Award; and Les petites mécaniques, which won the Goncourt Prize for short stories. In 2008, Claudel wrote and directed I’ve Loved You So Long (Il y a longtemps que je t’aime). Starring Kristen Scott Thomas, the film won a BAFTA Award for Best Film Not in English and a César Award for Best First Feature for Claudel. Broderick’s Report, Claudel’s hallucinatory tale of an uneasy homecoming after a wrenching tragedy, was awarded the 2010 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize. In addition to writing and directing, Claudel is a Professor of Literature at the University of Nancy.


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