Laurent Pichaud

Fiction & Non-Fiction: Free Opening Day
Sat, Sept 17
972, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy

CTL Questions for the Artist

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What does fall in New York City evoke for you?
Woody Allen, out of focus, playing with the dead leaves of Central Park?

What do you think is the biggest fiction?
Our f**king fantasies

What do you have to resist most often?
the feeling of powerlessness in front of the power

What sustains you?
All that i don't know

What inspires you?
Present time

In a word, what does Crossing the Line mean to you?
Go, cross and spread out yourself

About Laurent Pichaud

Laurent Pichaud is trained in contemporary dance and holds a post-graduate diploma in contemporary art history. Born in 1971, he has been a choreographer since the mid-1990s, and since then has presented fifteen individual works, including specific performances related to museum exhibitions. Feeling constrained by the limited space of the theater, Pichaud began to rehearse and present his work in sites specifically chosen according to the project's purpose. Taking care to conceive of the entire environment, not only the performance space, Pichaud seeks to go beyond choreography and establish deeper connections with site-related art. His work seeks to include the viewer as an equal participant in the work—though there is no interaction between audience and performer. Sometimes performing in his own work, Pichaud has also recently been seen in pieces by Martine Pisani, the Carnets Bagouet, Deborah Hay, Boris Charmatz, Anne Collod/Anna Halprin. Currently, he is also involved in the direction of site-specific workshops for teenagers, and trained or untrained performers


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