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The Vultures
by Henri Becque
—a staged reading

Monday, October 1, 2007 at 8pm
Co-presented with the Flea Theater

A father’s heart attack, a fortune suddenly up for grabs, and an otherwise peaceful family left to fight like animals for the spoils—it’s The Vultures, a play by the little-known nineteenth-century French writer Henri Becque, resurrected in English for a reading on American soil. Leading an all-star cast of New Yorkers, two-time Obie Award-winning director Jim Simpson (Flea Theater) brings a downtown sensibility to a story rife with the spirit of Ibsen. Through mere naked text and the powerful performances behind it, a caustic indictment of Industrial Age mores becomes a cautionary tale for our own.

Directed by Jim Simpson.

Mme. Vigneron – Kathleen Turner
Mme. de Saint Genis – Bebe Neuwirth
Judith - Annie Parisse
Marie – Maria Dezzia
Blanche - Sarah Silk
Rosalie - Jacqueline Chambord
Vigneron - Ron Faber
Tessier - Gerry Bammon
Bourdon - Mark Zeisler
Merckens - James Waterston
Dupuis - Jaime Robert Carrillo
August – James Blanshard
Physician - Drew Hildebrand
Gaston – Barnett Cohen

In English Venue
Florence Gould Hall
55 East 59th Street

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