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Invitation to Dance by CÚcile Pitois

Visual artist Cécile Pitois invites three choreographers to create site-specific dances in the FIAF Gallery. Presented in conjuction with her installation inhale-exhale from A to C.

Kota Yamazaki
Mon, Oct 1, 2007

A New York-based, Japanese-born choreographer who has lived everywhere from France to Senegal, Kota Yamazaki's mind and movement seem to contain the world. It only makes sense, then, that "travelling, teaching, and exploring" would become the mission of "Kota Yamazaki Fluid hug hug" — Kota's ambitious young dance troupe that mixes butoh, hip-hop, and classical ballet into cocktails of expression.

Myriam Gourfink
Sat, Oct 6, 2007

Yoga is the starting point for this French-trained choreographer who knows what it means to meld the body with space. Through a style dedicated to "micro-movements" demanding fierce concentration on breath, Gourfink's method is slow, meditative and always mindful of the place it inhabits. What results is a felt choreography — and one that occasionally invites the audience to join in the action.


Mon, Oct 15, 2007

His most famous dance was staged in a swimming pool as a kind of spectacular underwater modern ballet (Waterproof, 1986). It was widely considered to be one of the standout moments in a decade of French dance and Daniel Larrieu hasn't stopped since. With influences both literary and cinematic, Larrieu's most recent work, 10-20-10-20-10, is drier behind the ears but retains a commitment to slow, strangely beautiful movement that betrays a trace of the submerged.

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