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James Ivory in Paris

March 2008

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The body of work sculpted by James Ivory over nearly five decades of filmmaking shares few peers in beauty and quality. Whether staring into the soul of middle America or reconstructing Paris at the dawn of the Revolution, Ivory’s keen, penetrating eye for humanity in his characters has never failed him. In the seven films presented here, Ivory offers us gripping portraits of Americans finding themselves as strangers in a strange land, whether it be France, or America itself.

Maggie Smith


Tuesday, March 4 at 12:30 & 7pm

Dir. James Ivory, 1981. Color. 101 min.
With Maggie Smith, Alan Bates, Isabelle Adjani
In English and French.

With Quartet, Ivory manages to characterize the energy and atmosphere of an entire era within the context of four lovers. Marya, whose husband Stefan has been sent to prison, accepts the invitation of the Heidlers to temporarily live with them. This act of kindness, as she soon discovers, is not without an ulterior motive, and Marya fast evolves from boarder to mistress.

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Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman

Mr. and Mrs. Bridge

Tuesday, March 4 at 4 & 9pm

Dir. James Ivory, 1990. Color. 125 min.
With Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward
In English.

More than just a showcase for the legendary husband-and-wife team of Newman and Woodward, this winning film is also a gripping look at one small family struggling to deal with a tidal wave of change in 1940s America. The role of patriarch comes so naturally to Walter Bridge, he cannot recognize he treats his wife like a child and isolates his children. Ivory frames the family against the broader cultural shifts of the country, producing graceful, unforgettable filmmaking.

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Nick Nolte & Greta Scacchi

Jefferson in Paris

Tuesday, March 11 at 12:30 & 7pm

Dir. James Ivory, 1995. Color. 139 min.
With Nick Nolte, Gwyneth Paltrow, Greta Scacchi.
In English and French.

Ivory effortlessly sketches an intimate portrait of Jefferson’s time as minister to France. The film charts the future president’s personal and political battles from 1784 to 1789, revealing a man torn between extremes. He sympathizes with the revolutionaries but is close to the aristocracy. Plush with Ivory’s trademark production design, Jefferson in Paris stands as an enduring epic.

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Jeanne Moreau

The Proprietor

La Propriétaire

Tuesday, March 11 at 4 & 9:30pm

Dir. Ismail Merchant, 1996. Color. 113 min.
With Jeanne Moreau, Sean Young
In French with English subtitles.

Though he was Ivory’s producer and partner for decades, Ismail Merchant was himself an accomplished director. The Proprietor is regarded by many as his finest film. Adrienne Mark is a famous French author living in New York when she suddenly receives word that her childhood home in Paris is for sale. Delighted, she returns and buys the house only to discover that it holds many secrets from years past, uncovering a shocking history.

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Anthony Hopkins

Surviving Picasso

Tuesday, March 18
12:30, 4, 7 & 9:30pm
- In English
Due to complications with attaining the French version, the film will be shown in English at each screening including at 4 & 9:30pm

Dir. James Ivory, 1996. Color. 125 min.
With Anthony Hopkins, Natascha McElhone, Julianne Moore

Surviving Picasso emerges as a poignant account of the women who admired, loved, and suffered him. Françoise Gilot (McElhone) meets Picasso in 1943 and for the decade to come is his mistress and mother of his children. In knowing him, she comes to know the other women who remain forces in his life, most of whom bear deep emotional scars from their relationships long past.

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Virginie Ledoyen

A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries

La fille d’un soldat ne pleure jamais

Tuesday, March 25 at 12:30 & 4pm

Dir. James Ivory, 1998. Color. 125 min.
With Kris Kristofferson, Barbara Hershey, Virginie Ledoyen
In English and French.

With this film, Ivory synthesizes two recurring themes—the institution of family and the expatriate existence—into one elegant account based on a true story. The demands of love and loyalty drag the Willis clan across continents and threaten to break them apart. Heartwarming, without falling into sentimentality, the film is a sterling example of Ivory’s empathetic eye.

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James Ivory

Kate Hudson & Romain Duris

Meet the Director:
James Ivory presents Le Divorce

Tuesday, March 25 at 7pm

Join James Ivory, recipient of the 2007 Trophée des Arts, for a Q&A session following the screening of Le Divorce. An admirer of French culture as a young man, he continues to film and produce in Paris. Journalist, Jean Christian Agid will moderate.

Le Divorce
Dir. James Ivory, 2003. Color. 117 min.
With Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts, Thierry Lhermitte, Romain Duris
In English and French.

A modern story of Americans in Paris. Isabel (Hudson) flies to France upon learning that her sister Roxanne (Watts) has been abandoned by her cheating husband. Arriving first for support, Isabel is soon swept up in her own liaison, with Roxanne’s uncle-in-law (Lhermitte). Now Isabel must decide where her loyalty to herself ends and loyalty to her sister begins. Elegantly filmed, Paris has rarely looked more inviting.

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In French with English subtitles unless otherwise noted

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