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Summer 2014
June 16–August 29

1 to 4-week classes
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à petits pas Summer
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Art Workshops (ages 2–4)
Cooking Workshops (age 2–4)
FIAF Preschool (ages 3 & 4)

Toddlers (ages 1–4)
à petits pas Classes

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Spring 2014
April 7–June 23

Course code: APP
11 weeks • Fall, Winter, and Spring
Age 1: Once a week • 45 minutes • 8 students max • $335
Ages 2–4 • Once a week • 90 minutes • 9 students max • $455

Introduce your enfant to French language and culture with FIAF’s popular à petits pas program, designed specifically for ages 1–4 by specialists in early childhood education.

Classes are also offered for Native French Speakers. These classes for ages 2–4 are perfect for nurturing your child’s multilingualism with activities designed for children with a French foundation.

One parent or caregiver must attend class with the child.

Save with a Class-Workshop Combo Package!
Speed up and enrich your toddler's French learning by combining any à petits pas class with a Cooking workshop series or an Art workshop series. Save 5%* on the class and $110 on the workshops!


What is à petits pas ?

"It was our daughter, Annabelle's first "à petits pas" and she started from 11 [months]. She took 2 classes a week, and both were wonderful. She really loved it and I loved it also. We want to continue to be committed to FIAF classes and we recommend FIAF to all our friends."—Kyoko, à petits pas Mom

Just like Annabelle, over two hundred toddlers join the à petits pas program at FIAF every season and dive into a world of discoveries!

à petits pas is a French language immersion program designed especially for toddlers by specialists in French early childhood education. Not only does the program introduce your child to new sounds and to French culture but it deepens the parent/child bond, providing guides for continued learning and fun at home.

Research shows that the earlier the child starts learning a language, the better. Thanks to a toddler's intellectual suppleness, it is much easier for a young child to imitate, to learn, to store new knowledge, and to dive into another language and culture, without effort and with little or no accents because of their ability to reproduce even previously unknown sounds (C. Hagège, 1996). As early as 1962, Peal and Lambert proved that early French language acquisition helped children to gain intellectual superiority as a result of switching easily from one language system to another.

Because an inviting and beautiful environment is important for learning, toddlers joining the à petits pas program will love the specially designed classroom space in FIAF's beautiful Upper East Side building in Manhattan.


What is a typical à petits pas class like?

With a focus on communication, FIAF's à petits pas classes are designed so that your child will easily pick up French language and culture in a fun and interactive way.

Classes begin with free play during which children are encouraged to interact with their teacher and classmates. The instructor then introduces the theme of the day through a story, songs, marionettes, and other fun and captivating activities. Through arts-and-craft projects, the teacher introduces new vocabulary daily that is reinforced through games and movement (dance, etc.). Snack time is a moment to relax and for your child to learn how to express his or her likes or dislikes and to learn basic interactions in French such as how to accept or reject something that is offered, how to ask for something, and more!

Age 12–24 months
A gentle introduction to the French-speaking world, children engage in playful activities through songs, dance, stories, games, and more. Children are encouraged to form and understand new sounds.

Age 2–4 years
Placed in groups according to age, children learn new words and language structures, using them in fun, age-appropriate activities like arts and crafts, songs, dance, games, stories, and films. During snack time, toddlers practice lively routines in French. Classes also offered for Native French Speakers.


Complimentary FIAF Membership

Enjoy access to our fantastic Library and wonderful programs like CinéKids, Family Saturdays, plus reduced-price tickets to all cultural programs, discounts at restaurants & stores around town, and more!

Upon registering for any FIAF class (except workshops), you receive a free Family-level Membership valid for one-year from registration date.

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My child is 22 months old, for which age level should we register?
Your child should register for APP2.

I only have one babysitter for my two children, can she come with both of them?
No, because your babysitter has to be able to help the child she accompanies to the class.

Can I breastfeed my child in the classroom?
Yes, but we encourage you to find another location if possible. There may be private classrooms available.

My child is going to miss one class, can we have a makeup class?
There are no makeup classes for APP classes.

Do you have any place I can put my stroller?
You can put it on the sixth floor, in front of the elevator.

Can my child come with his babysitter and grandmother?
We encourage one caregiver per child.

My child is in APP1 and seems to be the oldest of the group, could we change his class?
Yes, we can look for another class where he will be with children his age depending on availability.

Can I register my child in a class that started already?
Yes, but we will not be able to prorate the fees.

Do your snacks at snack time contain nuts?
No, we are cautious of nut and other allergies.



Parent Participation and Responsibility
One parent or caregiver must attend class with their child(ren). Accompaniment is limited to one parent or caregiver only—no other adults or children may attend. Each parent or caregiver is responsible for the well-being of their child and is strongly encouraged to participate in all the class activities.

Code of Conduct
If a child becomes disruptive, FIAF asks that the parent or caregiver take him/her out of the class until he/she calms down in order to preserve a constructive learning environment.

Cell Phones
Cell phone use is not permitted in the à petits pas classrooms

Strollers are not allowed in the classroom. A designated area will be provided for the parent or the caregiver to park the stroller.

Please do not bring children to class when ill.

Makeup Classes
There are NO makeup classes provided for the à petits pas program.

Please also read additional FIAF Language Center policies here.

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*Please Note: When you register online, the $110 workshop series discount will be automatically applied. The 5% savings on the à petits pas class for the combo package will be applied retroactively and a refund issued for the discount amount.

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