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Fall 2017 Contest

Fait divers en Roman

Play the role of journalist. Inspired by the four photographs below, write a short story in French in the style of a fait divers, a miscellaneous sensational news item. Choose a title, invent characters, imagine the circumstances and events, and the consequences and finally the conclusion.

Fait divers is a short sensational news story that appears in certain French newspapers. It could be funny, strange, or tragic, but it always narrates a particular story by explaining the why and the how. The story could happen to anyone and it calls to us on a moral or social level.

Argentinean photographer Irina Werning worked on a drama in the 1940's in Buenos Aires. A true crime or an excuse for an unusual artistic production? The result is this picture story that contains all the elements of a scandalous news item.

Scene 1 Scene 2
Scene 3 Scene 4



Your story must follow the fait divers format: title, story, and conclusion.

Build your story on: When? Where? Who? What? Why? How? Consequences? The End?

Number of words: 150 for A1-A2 level, 250 for B1-B2 level, and 350 for C1-C2 level.

The sequence of scenes from 1 to 4 should be respected in the story.

Entries will be evaluated on their respect of the instructions, originality and creativity, quality of French (related to the student's level), vocabulary, and respect of chronology and consistency.

Contest can be done individually or in a group.

Submit your entry by Monday, December 11 at 8pm

Email your entry to or drop it off at the Language Center office on the 3rd floor (22 East 60th Street). Include your full name, teacher’s name, and class level.



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First prize — $150 gift certificate
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Third prize — $50 gift certificate

Certificates must be redeemed within one (1) year.
Winners will be announced at the End of Session Party on Tue, Dec 12

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