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Fall session starts September 26. Early Bird savings for returning and new students until September 9.

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  • Fall Refresher Courses

    Strengthen and review your language skills at a level before moving on to the next level.


  • General French • Beginner A1

    Build a solid foundation in French. Learn familiar everyday expressions & basic phrases.


    General French • Advanced Beginner A2

    Reinforce your understanding of topics relating to everyday life and your ability to interact in French.


    General French • Intermediate B1

    Strengthen your communication skills and understand the main points of conversation with a native speaker.


    General French — Advanced B2

    Broaden your knowledge of the structure and use of French language while speaking with a degree of fluency.


    General French — Expert C1/C2

    Master the French language and be able to express yourself spontaneously with native speakers.


    Le Pain Quotidien

    Enjoy breakfast at a local café while learning French.


    Café Club

    Flex your French-speaking muscles by chatting about anything and everything en francais!


    Conversation & Grammar

    Perfect your grammar and practice your conversation skills all in one class.


    DELF/DALF Exam Preparation

    Let FIAF help you prepare for the DELF (B1/B2) and DALF (C1/C2) certification exams.


    French with Radio France Internationale (RFI)

    Learn French with one of the most popular radio stations in the world.


    French with TV5Monde

    Learn French with France’s number one news source.



    A thorough review of the key elements of French grammar.



    Polish pronunciation through tongue-twisters, songs, poems, and audio exercises.


    The Art of Diction

    Tune your ears to the melody of French, improving your accent and fluency.


    The Art of Listening

    Improve your comprehension in everyday conversations.


    The Art of Reading

    Become a successful reader of French by analyzing a wide variety of written materials.


    The Art of Speaking

    From conversations to debates, master the art of speaking in French.


    The Art of Writing

    Develop your creative writing skills and find your own voice in French.


    Translation & Listening Comprehension

    Fine tune both your listening and translating skills.


    Culture and Civilization

    Dive deeper into French culture with themes that change each session.



    Read classic and contemporary writing in French. Books and themes change each session!



    From travel to grammar, and history to wine—try our specialized workshops! Workshops last 1 to 3 hours or all day and are available at various levels.

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