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French Institute Alliance Franšaise (FIAF)
Spring 2014
11-week Session
Apr 7–Jun 23
5½-week Sessions
Apr 7–May 13 / May 14–Jun 23
2-week Sessions
May 27–Jun 6 / Jun 9–20
Workshops thru Jun 23
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Advanced Beginner A2
Level 201
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Course Code: 201.A2
Latitudes 1 (Units 10, 11, 12)
Textbook, workbook, three CDs, website, and in-class digital book

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Build a solid foundation in the French language. Authentic situational exercises introduce you to the structure and use of language in everyday life.

Learn sentences and frequently used expressions related to everyday life (e.g. very basic personal & family information, shopping, local geography, employment). Practice speaking and reading comprehension. Communicate simple and routine tasks. Describe your background, immediate environment, and basic needs.


Communication Skills

  • Tell a story
  • Describe the stages of a story
  • Make comparisons
  • Express the intensity of a moment
  • Describe quantities
  • Describe someone
  • Express your agreement/disagreement
  • Situate yourself in time
  • Talk about the future
  • Express your wishes

Linguistic Skills (grammar and vocabulary)

  • Pronominal verbs
  • A la piece, au kilo (by the pound...); un sachet de, un litre de...(a bag of, a liter of...); D'abord, puis (first, then)
  • The use of the impersonal pronoun en
  • Interrogative structures
  • The imperfect tense
  • The imperfect or the present perfect
  • The description of a person
  • S'en aller, partir, quitter to leave/to quit
  • The indicators of time, en, dans (in)
  • The simple future tense
  • The subjunctive mood
  • The placement of pronouns in an imperative phrase

Socio-Cultural Themes

  • Francophone countries
  • Fashion and society
  • French Music trends
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