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French Institute Alliance Franšaise (FIAF)
Summer 2014
10-week Session
June 30–Sept 8
5-week Sessions
June 30–Aug 1
Aug 4–Sept 8
2-week Sessions
Sessions start July 28, Aug 11, Aug 25, and Sept 8
Workshops thru Sept 19
Advanced Level B2
Level 403
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Course Code: 403.B2
Le Nouvel Edito B2 (Units 5, 6)
Textbook, CD, and DVD

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Understand the main ideas of a complex text, interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity, produce clear, detailed texts on a wide range of subjects, and express viewpoints on topical issues.


Communication Skills

  • Discuss an interview on sustainable development
  • Explore a documentary on viticulture and regions
  • Discuss investment in ecology, the ecological future of the earth and environmental problems in your country
  • Read and discuss stories about animal encounters in Paris
  • Analyze oral and written testimonials about May 1968
  • Read a news report on Mayotte
  • Discuss the death penalty
  • Discuss the history of your country, the relativity of History
  • Discuss globalization and socio-educational problems by comparing school systems in different counties
  • Draft a project on the ideal school
  • Discuss a text about abolishing the death penalty
  • Explore a passage about the role of France in French colonies
  • Study a polemic about French history

Linguistic Skills (grammar and vocabulary)

  • Vocabulary of ecology, geography, animals
  • Localization
  • History
  • Nation and citizens
  • Personal pronouns
  • Consequences
  • Oral exercise: pronunciation of personal pronouns

Socio-Cultural Themes

  • The French and ecology
  • Unfolding History (great moments in French history, what is History for the French)
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