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Read classic and contemporary writing in French! Books and themes change each session—view below.

Literature makes a major contribution to a nation's cultural heritage and exposure to authentic written texts is one of the many ways foreign language learners can improve their language proficiency. In this course, discover French and Francophone literature through the analysis and discussion of major literary works, either focusing on one text or on a specific theme woven through a variety of texts. This course is designed for literature lovers who would like to learn about the history of literature, of French expression, and to become more independent in reading challenging texts in their original French language.

Prerequisites: You must have completed general French 303 Intermediate B1 level or higher, have taken any Intermediate B1 level skill/culture/literature class, or have taken this placement test.

After this course: Students may continue with general French 401 Advanced B2 level or any Intermediate B1 level skill/culture/literature class.


Winter 2018

La littérature minimaliste - Philippe Delerm
LIT.B1.L01 - Tue - 2pm-3:30pm - $430 - L.Thommeret
Level: Intermediate B1

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Philippe Delerm is a minimalist author who takes interest in describing the "small inconsequential things" that make up life. Ma grand-mère avait les mêmes : les dessous affriolants des petites phrases is no exception to this.

This collection of short, easy-to-read, stories will be of interest to French language learners who want to start reading literature because of their insightful focus on language. It's the sort of language you won't find in textbooks. What’s more, those small expressions of everyday language, which the French say on a daily basis without even thinking about them, often have a hidden meaning, sometimes opposite to their usual understanding. Delerm comments on this phenomenon and what it says about the speaker. In doing so, he also reveals language’s power to conceal as much as reveal. This course is for you if you like reading and have reached a level in French where you can start reading literary texts.

By the end of this class, you will have increased your capability to read and understand French literature, as well as amplify your familiarity with the events of the modern French way life that breed literature.




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