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Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF)

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- What is the TEF?
- When is the next session?
- How is TEF graded?
- When and how can I get the results and certificate(s)?
- How much does it cost?
- How do I register? Who do I contact for info?
- How can I prepare for this exam?


What is the TEF?

The TEF - Test d’Evaluation de Français is designed to assess the level of French language of people who are not native French speakers. It is useful if you need to evaluate your French skills for Canadian Immigration, French Universities or for work.

  • It assesses comprehension and expression skills in French.
  • It gives a quantitative and qualitative measure of the level of candidate's linguistic and communication skills.
  • It offers a detailed and personalized analysis of results.

The overall objective of the TEF is to measure the level of the candidates' knowledge, linguistic and communications skills in French. The TEF includes:

3 Compulsory Sections
(2 hours 10 minutes)
2 Optional Sections
Written Comprehension (1 hour)
Listening Comprehension (about 40 mins)
Vocabulary and Structures (30 mins)
Written Expression (1hour)
Oral Expression (35 mins per candidate)

1. Canadian Federal Government requires both compulsory & optional sections for immigration purposes.
2. No diploma is required to take the TEF exams.
3. You can take the TEF exams as much as you want.
4. A results certificate, sent to you by FIAF, is valid for one year.

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When is the next session?

Exam Dates Registration Deadlines
Friday, February 26, 2016* Friday, February 12, 2016
Friday, May 20, 2016* Friday, May 6, 2016
Friday, September 9, 2016* Friday, August 26, 2016
Friday, November 18, 2016* Friday, October 21, 2016

*Computer-based session for less than 10 candidates

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How is TEF Graded ?

Correspondance niveaux TEF/CECR/SLR
TEF 0+ 1 2 3 4 5 6
CECR A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
SLR 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

CECR (Common European Framework for Languages)

Compulsory sections: total 900
Written Comprehension: 300
Listening Comprehension: 360
Vocabulary & Structure: 240

Optional sections: Written Expression: total 450
Thematic and semantic coherence: 150
Ability to argue and summarize: 120
Structure & vocabulary: 180

Optional sections: Oral Expression: total 450
Understanding topics and finding appropriate information: 120
Facts explanation and argumentation: 150
Structure & vocabulary: 180

More info:

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When and how can I get the results and certificate(s)?

Your grades will be sent to you via email within two weeks of the test date.

We will email you again when we receive your certificate, and you will be able to either pick it up at the FIAF Language Center or request for it to be mailed to you. Please allow for 2-4 weeks from the test date for us to receive your certificate.

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How much does it cost?

Exam fee is not refundable once registered.

  FIAF members Non-members
Compulsory Sections $170 $200
Optional Sections $165 ($85 each) $210 ($110 each)
Complete Test (all sections) $300 $360

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How do I register? Contact Info:

Please download the following two files to register



For emigration purposes, you must submit the following either in person or via mail:
- an original signed registration form
- one photo (click here for instructions)
- a copy of your passport or ID Card (on paper)

Any incomplete applications will be rejected.

You may pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard & American Express) in person or over the telephone, or by check or money order (to FIAF).

Exam fee is not refundable once registered.

Mail: Mrs. Voahangy Siraisi, FIAF, 22 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022
Fax: 212 527 2678

Exam participation can only be transferred to the next session in case of sickness. A doctor’s note (not via email) must be mailed within the next three days of the test.

FIAF reserves the right to cancel a session if the number of candidates does not exceed 10 candidates. All registrations will be moved to the next session. FIAF reserves the right to cancel a session for weather inclement reasons. All registrations will be moved to the next session.

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How can I prepare for this exam?

The best way to get ready for this exam is to take our general French programs. We also have a preparation book and CD available for sale at the Language Center Office.

For more information about the test, visit:

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Contact Voahangy Siraisi
Exam Coordinator
646 388 6691

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