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Advanced Beginner A2 level & above

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Gain confidence in writing in French through engaging and creative workshops that explore new themes each week!

Each workshop consists of two parts. First, through games and exercises, polish your writing skills and improve your vocabulary. Next, work on a specific writing piece. Each workshop will focus on a different topic. Get answers to all your writing in French conundrums and improve your skills in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Workshops led by Sophie Forst can be taken individually, but since there will be continuity and progression of skills over the workshops, take them all for best results.

Available at these levels:


Advanced Beginner A2 level

Bridge the gap between spoken and written French. Speaking and writing are two different skills with similar structures and a common vocabulary but serving different purposes. Speaking is fast, fleeting and ephemeral. Writing is permanent, and provides more possibilities for thinking about sentence structure and choice of words.

Spring 2018

Tuesdays, 1:30pm-3:30pm

June 5 — Fiction Writing: Building characters
June 12 — Writing a fiction

$65 per workshop, $60 if you sign up for two or more
Register at least 2 days ahead of a workshop

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Intermediate B1 level

Good reading models provide good written structures! Read and get inspiration from various writers and types of writing, to help you express your own stories.

Spring 2018

Fridays, 1:30pm-3:30pm

June 1 — Fiction Writing: Building fictional characters
June 8 — Writing a fiction- Dialogue
June 15 — Writing a fiction - Narrative

$65 per workshop, $60 if you sign up for two or more
Register at least 2 days ahead of a workshop

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Advanced B2 / Expert C1/C2 level

L'atelier comme lieu d'exploration, d'expression et de création pour chacun et chacune : passer de l'oral à l'écrit, écrire à la main, à la machine, à l'ordinateur… Nous découvrirons le plaisir d'écrire dans une nouvelle langue pour se l'approprier encore un peu plus. Nous nous inspirerons de notre vie quotidienne, de l'actualité, des personnes autour de nous, des paysages etc. Nous mêlerons nos voix, nos mots singuliers et nous les peindrons avec notre imagination, nos couleurs, nos émotions.

Comme nous le dit Voltaire : "L'écriture est la peinture de la voix".

Spring 2018

Fridays, 10:30am-12:30pm

June 1 — Ecrire un court scénario
June 8 — Ecrire un texte à suspense
June 15 — Ecrire une nouvelle (short story)

Summer 2018

Fridays, 12:30pm-2:30pm

June 29 — Ecrire un journal de voyage ou des souvenirs
July 6 — Ecrire un poème en prose/en vers
July 13 — Ecrire un article
July 20 — Ecrire une critique/un commentaire
July 27 — Ecrire une lettre professionnelle
August 3 — Ecrire un texte argumentatif
August 10 — Ecrire une scène de théâtre
August 17 — Ecrire un court essai
August 24 — Ecrire un court scénario
August 31 — Ecrire un texte à suspense.

$65 per workshop, $60 if you sign up for two or more
Register at least 2 days ahead of a workshop

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