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Free Placement Test

The key to mastering a new language and having a wonderful learning experience is starting with a class that is right for you!

Take our quick and easy Placement Test to ensure that you get started at the right level. If you are a complete beginner, skip this test and register for any French 101 class.

How it Works:

Step 1: Take the Written Test (approx 15 mins)

Adults & Teens (ages 15–17)

Online Test

Paper Version

If you complete the paper version of the test, please email it to or bring it to FIAF for a walk-in evaluation (details below).

Children (ages 7–14)

Test for ages 11–14 (download)

Test for ages 7–10* (download)

Have your child complete the appropriate test above. Email it to or bring it to FIAF for a walk-in evaluation (details below). If your child does not write in French, then skip the written test and go to the next step.

Step 2: Chat with a Teacher (approx 5-10 mins)

This short conversation in French will help our teacher assess your speaking skills and place you in the right level. The chat can take place over the phone or in person. If you submit the written test online or via email, a teacher will call you at your preferred time. If you bring the written test to FIAF, the conversation will happen at that time.

Step 3: Register for your Class

After the evaluation is completed, the teacher will recommend a class and help you navigate your options. Browse our course catalogue and register online or in person.

Note: Walk-in Evaluations

Visit our Manhattan location on any Friday (1–5:30pm) or call 646-388-6612 to schedule an appointment. If you’re in Montclair, call 973-783-0507 to schedule an in-person evaluation.


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