Professional Development Workshops
for Teachers of French

Workshops that help current and future French teachers improve their French instruction to toddlers, kids, teens, and adults!

Each workshop is led by certified native-speaking educators and renowned specialists in didactics and pedagogy. They are affordable and offer teachers the opportunity to learn classroom strategies, share experiences, and develop pedagogical skills that are easily incorporated into existing lesson plans. Using state-of-the-art equipment, participants may experiment with alternative teaching methods that enhance their current programs and speak to their technology-forward students.

"Le fait d'être à l'Alliance avec d'autres professeurs de FLE a été un grand plaisir. Depuis 5 ans à NY, c'est la première fois que j'ai l'occasion d'une rencontre comme celle-ci. Merci !"
— Jose Eduardo Vasconcellos Guimaraes


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What is the CEFR?
Friday, September 21, 2007
Presenter: Pascal Saura, Education Advisor of the Alliance Française network in the US

Teaching French with TV5MONDE
Friday, October 19, 2007
Presenter: Nasser Larkem, Professor at FIAF, TV5MONDE certified trainer

French through Advertising
Friday, November 16, 2007
Presenter: Ginette Reich, Professor at FIAF

Phonetics for Better Pronunciation of French
Friday, December 7, 2007
Presenter: Gaëlle Coadou, Professor at FIAF

Teaching Children (ages 3 to 15) through Games and Creativity
Friday, January 25, 2008
Presenter: Guitty Roustaï, Director of Children’s Programs at FIAF

Acting Techniques for Improved Student Engagement
Friday, February 22, 2008
Presenter: Marie-Hélène Brabant, Actor and Club Théâtre Coordinator at FIAF

Bilingualism at Primary and Secondary Levels
Friday, March 21, 2008
Presenter: Therese Caccavale, President of the National Network for Early Language Learning

Using Interactive Whiteboards to Teach French
Friday, April 18, 2008
Presenter: Claire Bourgeois, Former Vice President of Education at FIAF

Literature for Beginners of French
Friday, May 16, 2008
Presenter: Julie Van Parys, Professor at FIAF

French Chansons to Improve Comprehension and Expression
Friday, June 13, 2008
Presenter: Nasser Larkem, Professor at FIAF

Teaching Grammar According to the Common European Framework of Reference
Friday, September 26, 2008
Presenter: Emmanuel Lainé, Vice President of Education at FIAF

Analysing Classics of French Cinema with Students
Friday, October 17, 2008
Violaine de Schuytter, Professor at FIAF, Phd in Cinema Studies

French Learning Games for Adults and Teens
Friday, November 14, 2008
Presenter: Fanny Raineau, Professor at FIAF

Comprehensive and Multi-sensory Method for Teaching Children
December 12, 2008
Presenter: Hélène Vanthier, Teacher Training Specialist, Centre de linguistique appliquée de Besançon, France

Theatrical Techniques & Activities for All Levels to Improve Oral Skills
Friday, January 16, 2009
Instructor: Angélique Allain, Professor at FIAF

Teaching and Learning with TV5MONDE:
How to Use Film Adaptations of French Literary Works

Friday, February 20, 2009
Instructor: Nasser Larkem, Professor at FIAF

Presentation: French Methods and Materials for Students of All Ages
Friday, March 20, 2009 Free!
Presenter: Michelle Grandmangin, Editorial Director CLE International

How to Create a FFL Lesson with Rond Point:
Analysis of Strengths & Weaknesses According
to the Common European Framework

Friday, April 24, 2009
Presenter: Nicolas Jérôme, Professor at the United Nations

Teaching French Slang with French Songs
Apprendre le langage familier par la chanson française

Friday, May 22, 2009
Presenter: Nasser Larkem, Professor at FIAF

How to Use Children’s Stories as Pedagogical Tools
Friday, June 19, 2009
Soledad Rodas, FIAF Professor
Guitty Roustaï, Director of FIAF Youth Program

Teaching French as a Foreign Language to Children Ages 6-10
Friday, October 23, 2009
Presenter: Corinne Marchois, French author of FFL textbooks for children

How to Teach Phonetics in an FFL Class
Friday, November 20, 2009
Presenter: Gisella Aceremo-Marunge, Professor at FIAF

Task Based Approach in a FFL Class: An Example, “Version originale”
Friday, January 29, 2010
Presenter: Philippe Liria, Responsable du Département de FLE - Difusión

Teaching French to Children: Analysis of Learning Situations and Practices
Friday, February 26, 2010
Presenter: Guitty Roustaï, Youth Program Director at FIAF

Promoting French in Schools:
How to Use the French Language Advocacy Kit developed by the American Association of Teachers of French, the Northwestern University, the Embassy of France in the US, and the Québec Ministry of International Affairs

Friday, March 26, 2010
Randa J. Duvick, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French, Chair, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Valparaiso University, IN
Margot Steinhart, Ph.D., President of the Alliance Française of North Shore, Illinois

Learn and Teach with TV5 Monde
Friday, April 30, 2010
Presenter: Nasser Larkem

Using the SmartBoard™ in a Language Class
Friday, May 28, 2010
Presenters: Anne Jacob and Sylvie Lucile, FIAF Instructors

Teaching French to Children:
Analysis of Learning Situations and Practices in an FFL Class

Friday, June 18, 2010
Presenter: Guitty Roustaï, Youth Program Director at FIAF

Enrich Your Teaching with Resources from the FIAF Library
Friday, October 22, 2010
Presenters: FIAF Haskell Library Team

Market Your French Class
Friday, November 19, 2010
Astrid Larson, Language Center Coordinator
Emmanuel Lainé, VP, FIAF Language Center

Learn and Teach with TV5MONDE
Friday, December 17, 2010
Presenter: Michelle Belneau, FIAF Instructor

FFL Teaching Class Best Practices
Friday, February 4, 2011
Presenter: Christophe Mouraux, Pedagogical Coordinator at FIAF

How to Foster Intercultural Awareness in a FFL Class
Friday, February 25, 2011
Presenter: Christian Puren, Professor Emeritus at the University of Saint Etienne

Teaching French to Children:
Learning Situations and Practices in a FFL Class

Friday, March 25, 2011
Presenters: Guitty Roustaï (FIAF Youth Program Director)
and Soledad Rodas (FIAF Instructor)

How to Assess Students’ Levels According to the CEFR
Friday, April 29, 2011
Presenter: Samira Ait Jafour (FIAF Instructor)

How to Teach Phonetics in a FFL class
Friday, May 27, 2011
Presenters: Jean-Philippe Schmitt (FIAF Instructor) and Sophie Forst (FIAF Instructor)

How to Create and Use Games in FFL Classes
for Teenagers and Adults

Friday, June 17, 2011
Presenters: Guitty Roustai (FIAF Youth Program Director)
and Christophe Mouraux (FIAF Pedagogical Coordinator)

Grammaire de conceptualisation
Friday, October 28, 2011
Presenter: Evelyne Bérard

Offsite Event
The Use of Video in Language Classes (TV and Internet)
Thursday, October 27, 2011 (In English)
Presenter: Evelyne Bérard

Pour une utilisation de documents audiovisuels dans les cours de français
Friday, November 11, 2011
Presenter: Gérard Colavecchio (CLEMI)

Comment aider les jeunes apprenants à entrer dans l'écrit ?
Friday, January 27, 2012
Presented by Hugues Denisot

Pour un métalangage commun
Friday, February 24, 2012
Presented by Nicolas Jérôme

Formation correcteur/examinateur DELF/DALF
DELF (A1 to B2): March 26-28, 2012
DALF (C1/C2): May 4 & 11, 2012
Presented by Samira Ait-Jafour

Comment travailler la compréhension (orale et écrite) en cours de FLE ?
Friday, May 18, 2012
Presented by Linda Hanssler Wenner

Using Children’s Literature in a Kids' Foreign Language Class
Friday, October 26, 2012
Presented by Anne-Sophie Devouassoux, FIAF Kids & Teens Coordinator

Comment amener les élèves à une production orale correcte ?
Friday, February 1, 2013
Presented by Corinne Marchois

Comment enseigner la grammaire en classe de FLE ?
Friday, March 15, 2013
Presented by Nicolas Jérôme

Comment concevoir un cours thématique en classe de FLE ?
Friday, April 19, 2013
Presented by Marie-Christine Massé and Marie-Laure Hoffmann

Comment utiliser les ressources audio-visuelles multithématiques du site TV5MONDE en classe de FLE ?
Friday, May 31, 2013
Presented by Fanny Rocheteau

Présentation de Culturethèque, la bibilothèque numérique de la culture française
Friday, November 1, 2013
Presented by Katharine Branning and Fatiha Bali

Enseigner le français langue étrangère aux enfants de 6 à 10 ans: Quelles pratiques de classe pour une pédagogie active et de projets?
Friday, November 22, 2013
Presented by Hélène Vanthier

Intégrer des activités théâtrales en classe de FLE Techniques d'acteurs pour enseignants
Friday, February 7, 2014
Presented by Adrien Payet

Utiliser le jeu en classe de FLE pour les enfants de 4 à 12 ans
Friday, March 14, 2014
Presented by Anne-Sophie Devouassoux & Christophe Mouraux

Ressources numériques et outils collaboratifs pour enseigner le FLE
Friday, April 25, 2014
Presented by Jérôme Rambert

Le Québec, connais-tu? Pourquoi et comment intégrer des contenus québécois dans l’enseignement de la langue française et de la littérature
Friday, May 30, 2014
Presented by Rachel Sauvé

Introduire la littérature jeunesse en classe de FLE
Friday, May 1, 2015
Presented by Audrey Legoupil

La prononciation sans complexe en classe de FLE
Friday, May 29, 2015
Presented by Geneviève Briet and Emmanuelle Rassart

Techniques de classe pour enseigner aux adultes débutants en FLE
Friday, June 19, 2015
Presented by Adrien Payet

Enseigner la phonétique aux enfants de 5 à 11 ans par le jeu, le rythme et le mouvement
Friday, October 30, 2015
Presented by Hélène Vanthier

Journée pédagogique CLE International Les mille et une facettes de l’enseignement du français aux USA
Saturday, October 31, 2015

Optimiser l’exploitation pédagogique du jeu en classe de langue
Friday, March 25, 2016
Presented by Haydée Silva

Réaliser une Webradio sur le thème du climat
Friday, April 8, 2016
Presented by Eric Schweitzer (CLEMI)

Optimiser l’exploitation de document audiovisuel en classe de FLE avec TV5MONDE
Friday, May 20, 2016
Presented by Ludovic Gaucher


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