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Yoga in French Workshops
Ages 4-10

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Bring your kids to Yoga in French where they will learn to understand and speak French in a relaxed playful atmosphere while improving their emotional and physical well-being.

Learning by doing, especially by moving, anchors new language acquisition. Kids will link language to physical actions designed to reinforce comprehension of specific vocabulary and grammar. These will include key nouns (parts of the body, animals, birds, seasons, emotions), verbs, prepositions, adverbs and adjectives for moving into and out of postures.


Saturday, from 9:45am-10:30am
Jan 19 • Feb 2 & 16 • Mar 2 & 16 • Apr 6 & 20 • May 4 & 18 • Jun 1 & 15

No prior French required.
Workshops are led by Sophie Carkeek
$15 per workshop

Each session begins with a centering song in French to increase awareness of breath and body. We then practice a few warm-up poses and/or sun salutes inspired by pictures of the natural world.

Jan 19 • This session will focus on the months of the year. We will practice a pose for each month and then everyone will say which is their favorite month (and maybe why) and we will practice the pose for that month.

Feb 2 • Inspired by the French game ‘Pouet, Pouet’, players will draw from a curated pile of cards. Each yogi will then attempt to communicate what is on the card, acting it out either using sounds, mimes or both sounds and mimes, depending on the card color. Each card can also be translated into a common yoga pose, which we will then practice together.

Feb 16 • Learn the French names of all the different modes of transport, and practice the corresponding yoga pose! In this session, yogis will practice some fun partner yoga poses!

Mar 2 • Night and day. We will use vocabulary and learn songs to do with daytime and nighttime. Yoga poses will be inspired by nocturnal and daytime animals, the sun, moon, stars and rainbows.

Mar 16 • Animals sounds! Learn and practice vocabulary relating to animals through yoga poses and making the ‘French version’ animal noises! We will then play a version of Jacques a dit (Simon says) using the noises as prompts for the poses.

Spring descriptions will be announced shortly.

"I aim to bring a sense of fun and wonder to each of my classes. Through intention, breath work, postures, group work and relaxation, I work to create a space where each child can express his or her physicality, build strength and stamina, and develop a sensitivity to the link between breath, movement and emotion. I teach in a way that is light-hearted, playful and gentle. In each class, we develop focus and awareness of our emotions. We also explore relaxation and trusting oneself and others (partner yoga)" — Sophie Carkeek


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