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Regards and Femmes by Marine Futin

Feb 23–Mar 22, 2018

Discover stories of cultural expression and diversity in a beautiful collection of vibrant soft pastels by artist Marine Futin.

The exhibition will feature two of her collections, "Regards," a series of older work, and a new series "Femmes." Both explore the importance of colors, accessories, and patterns in women’s identities around the world.

Futin was curious to understand the stories that our cultural backgrounds and educations tell about us. How do we define ourselves as independent minds and entities when we have learnt over and over a certain way to be, feel, and think, often unconsciously? The style evolution is also part of the story, as the artist’s eye and desires as a women have slowly transformed as well.

All the work is original and made with Soft Pastels, then reproduced on contemporary supports to create a unique piece of art.

Opening Reception
Fri, Feb 23, from 6–7pm
Preview the exhibition, meet the artist, and enjoy wine and French snacks.

Fri, Feb 23, from 7–9pm
After the opening reception, join us for Rendez-Vous, our monthly wine and conversation evening! Learn more.


FIAF Montclair
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About Marine Futin

Marine Futin paints with Soft Pastels to explore emotional diversity across cultures. Selected to exhibit at the "Salon des Artistes Français" in Paris where she started her career, she has been living in the United States for a few years now, working on developing art that focuses on emotional expressions and women's empowerment. Her bright and earthy colors are inspired by her travels to India, China, Nepal, Vietnam, and Mexico. Passionate about self-expression and self-growth through the act of creating, she developed her own concept "Feel" a few month ago. This creative practice aims to enable a person to express their thoughts and feelings spontaneously using color pastels, helping them to discover a creative voice that is entirely their own. She leads weekly workshops at her studio, and for teams at companies like Facebook, Stripe, and WeWork.


FIAF Montclair
7 North Willow Street,
Suite 7
Montclair, NJ 07042

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