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With the combined excellence of the FIAF Language Center, offering hundreds of courses taught by native speakers, and the expansive John & Francine Haskell Library, containing extraordinary resources for adults and children, FIAF is North America’s largest and most prestigious center for the French language.

Your support helps FIAF to give back to the community through special outreach programs. You can support FIAF by becoming a member of FIAF or by making a tax-deducible contribution to all educational programs at FIAF.

Support options:
Make a Gift to FIAF
Teachers Workshop Program
Dual-Language Learning Program
The John & Francine Haskell Library

Make a Gift to FIAF 

Make a donation to the French Institute Alliance Française and support a unique and important resource for French language learning in the New York City area.

Make a donation now!

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Teachers Workshop Program

FIAF provides low-cost professional training to French language teachers in the New York City area to equip educators with the tools and techniques to make language-learning effective, relevant, and powerful. Learn more about the Teachers Workshop Program.

Make a donation to the Teachers Workshop Program!

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Dual-Language Learning Outreach Initiative

FIAF will provide courses to parents at the French-English Public School 58 in Brooklyn. This program offers parents the opportunity to learn along with their children as a means of keeping them involved in all aspects of their children's education. FIAF hopes to expand this program in the coming years.

Donate to the Dual-Language Learning Outreach Initiative!

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The John & Francine Haskell Library

The beautiful John & Francine Haskell Library, the country's premier private French library, contains over 50,000 fiction and non-fiction books, as well as CDs, DVDs, and more in its médiathèque. Complete with a periodicals reading room, a large children’s section, and many programs and events, FIAF is proud to house this essential resource of the French language.

Donate to the John & Francine Haskell Library!

Library's Buy a Book Program
Contribute to the Buy-a-Book Program and help enhance the Library's collections! This holiday season, make a cash donation for the purchase of books and other library materials. The donation per book, CD, or DVD is $50. You may also endow a subscription to a magazine title for a year. A bookplate acknowledging your gift will be placed on each item purchased. Books may also be donated in the name of a friend. More Info

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Questions? Please contact:
External Affairs Department at / 646 388 6680

All contributions to FIAF are tax-deductible and are made with the understanding that FIAF has complete discretion and control over the use of these donations unless otherwise directed by the donor at the time of the gift.

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